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Mac Metals Offers Color Kits for Architectural Alloys

Kearny, NJ— Architectural Alloy Color Kits are available free to qualified users from MAC Metals. The kits include samples of up to three alloys in both polished and natural, mill finish that users or specifiers can use for new projects, or as a reference.

Because MAC Metals extrusions are commonly combined with other forms of copper alloys, the kits provide color matching confirmation. Color matching has been a complicated choice due to the metallurgy (cast vs. wrought)
and available forms (extrusions vs. sheet, strip and plate). Since MAC manufactures these alloys with very tight chemistries, a perfect color match is assured bar to bar, and heat to heat.

Alloy samples are available for any of alloys manufactured by MAC Metals including Architectural Bronze, Free Cutting Brass, Muntz Metal, Naval Brass, Nickel Silver, Brown Nickel Silver and Manganese Bronze, as well as proprietary Commercial Redd Metal and Rose Redd Metal.

Brass, bronze and nickel silver extrusions combine attractive natural colors with a host of critical performance properties that architects, contractors, manufacturers and fabricators acknowledge as they seek these architectural

“The marketplace that we serve continues to re-discover all the color options offered by MAC Metals,” states Mark Sisson, sales manager at MAC Metals. “Our alloy family covers a wide range of colors from the soft silver tones of nickel silver through the bold copper color of our proprietary alloy, Rose Redd Metal. Architectural Bronze with its golden yellow color with a slight pink tint continues to dominate as the choice in decorative elements of architecture. To understand and appreciate the color range you need to view them side-by-side.”

To order alloy color kits contact Mark Sisson at or call direct at 630-303-2222.  Specify the alloys that are of interest from the list above.

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Mac Metals Introduces New Architectural Alloys and Colors

Kearny, NJ—August 24, 2010— MAC Metals, Inc. has recently added two new, proprietary alloys to its collection of copper alloys for architectural applications. Commercial Redd Metal and Rose Redd Metal were created to provide architects and fabricators with extruded components that more closely match the color of Commercial Bronze or Commercial Copper (and other high copper alloys). 

For architectural applications, Commercial Bronze sheet, strip or plate is an ornamental alloy used for windows, doors, decorative panels and trim. Since this wrought alloy is not available in extruded form, there is not an identical color match for extruded components such as moldings, hinges, door hardware, thresholds and locksets, as examples.  MAC Metals Commercial Redd Metal addresses this need.  This new alloy has a pink/gold tone that is also suitable as a “stand alone” product or providing contrast against other copper alloys such as architectural bronze, or nickel silver.

Rose Redd Metal is a darker red color, almost a match for copper sheet. Current applications have been limited to hardware (hinges, door pulls) but the bold red color begs for design consideration for handrails, grilles, light fixtures, builder’s hardware, moldings and trim and artwork. Since the copper content of the alloy is under 60%, Rose Redd is also a more economical choice over Commercial Copper and other high copper alloys.  Mac Metals feels that with the addition of Rose Redd, design professionals have a complete “color easel” with which to create exciting new architectural applications and unique components.



For more information on Commercial Redd or Rose Redd Metals, please contact Mark Sisson, Sales Manager at Mac Metals at 630-303-2222 or

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