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Architectural Metals

Mac Metals Inc. maintains a reputation in the marketplace as a “specialty brass mill” providing custom architectural metals to architects, general contractors, original equipment manufacturers, machine shops and architectural and ornamental metal fabricators that require custom extrusions made of brass, bronze and nickel silver.

Custom Brass, Bronze, & Nickel Extrusions

Mac Metals Custom Architectural Extrusions are defined as simple or complex shapes including thin wall shapes ( also known as profiles, or sections), made from architectural bronze, nickel silver, free-cutting brass, forging brass, naval brass, and a two proprietary redd metal alloys.

The attractive natural color of these copper-based alloys combine with corrosion resistance and other critical properties to provide architects and design professionals with a variety of options in the design, construction and fabrication of commercial, public and residential structures. Other common applications include hardware, lighting, memorialization, brass elevator threshold plates & sills, handrails and art work.

Mac Metals is a fully integrated brass mill and custom metal fabrication company. We are the only domestic brass mill dedicated to the manufacture of custom architectural extrusions.

We are proud to serve the design talent and skilled craftsmen in markets that appreciate the beauty, durability and mechanical and physical properties our copper-alloy extrusions impart. Mac Metals Custom Architectural Metal Extrusions are Made in the USA using 90% Recycled Materials.

Unique Capacities & Capabilities

Experienced Personnel

Mac Metals is very proud of staff. Our management team has many years of combined experience in the extrusion process and copper alloy manufacture. Our manufacturing staff has an average of over twenty years in all aspects of extrusion production.

In-House Die and Tooling Capabilities

Mac Metals offers a wide variety of extruded shapes employing state-of-the-art CAD/CAM systems in a fully equipped machine shop. Our tooling experts work with our customers to make their designs most efficient for the extrusion process. This collaboration early in the design process ensures a cost-effective product.

Extrusion Press and Processing Equipment

Our casting shop converts raw materials (90% recycled scrap product) into 5” billets. Each heat, or pour, is sampled and tested for proper chemistry and assigned a permanent identification number for complete traceability—billet by billet.

Billets are heated in a state-of-the-art induction furnace and extruded into a pre-finished length suitable for stretching, straightening and cutting to the specific requirements of our customer.

Our ability to deliver uniform product is dependant on custom finishing equipment and skilled craftsmen that handle each length individually. The end result is an extruded product that achieves consistent color match along with exceptional straightness, flatness and dimensional tolerances. Critical geometry is checked at every production station in the finishing process.

Our History

Mac Metals Inc. is a brass extrusion mill having its origins in a company founded in Germany in the 1850’s by the Rothschild family. After the family moved to the United States, the business was reopened under the name ‘Kearny Smelting & Refining Corporation’ and produced brass ingot for the memorial industry. In 1960 a brass extrusion press was added to the operation to address the need for a domestic source of custom architectural extrusions. Due to the rapid growth of the extrusion mill, Kearny Smelting purchased a metal service center; Metal Alloys Company, in 1982 as a means to establish a modern sales and distribution network. Further growth resulted in the closing of the ingot shop to devote the casting resources to manufacture billets for the extrusion press.

Today, Mac Metals devotes all of its resources in providing custom extrusions and services to our customers. We are still a family owned business, proud to work with the best materials and processes in the industry. We continue to invest in our staff and equipment to bring our customers “world-class” custom extrusions in brass, bronze and nickel silver.

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