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Brass, bronze and nickel silver extrusions are common materials used in the manufacture of builders’ hardware products. Product attributes considered critical to this industry include color, machinability, wear characteristics, and the wide variety of finishing options these copper alloys present to the industry and end-users. These extrusions offer freedom from corrosion, fine tolerances in machining and smooth operation of moving parts

Door, window, bath, furniture, cabinet, curtain and plumbing hardware products are included in this category, along with security items such as locks and lock sets.

Brass, bronze and nickel silver may be polished to a high surface finish which can then be easily maintained, or lacquered to preserve the natural color. Manufacturers can offer a variety of colors through chemical applications. These alloys are easily plated, when required. Many customers opt to use nickel silver extrusions to match stainless steel, or brushed nickel as an alternative to the plating expense and environmental concerns.

Mac Metals proprietary “Redd Metals” provides an interesting and unique color option for many hardware components. More information on Redd Metal under Production and Specialty Alloys.

High-end residential and commercial hardware manufacturers continue to specify brass, bronze and nickel silver extrusions as preferred materials for their products.

Hinges, door handles and pulls, bolts, latches, tub and shower enclosures, locks and lock sets, and decorative trim items are commonly supplied by Mac Metals.

Mac Metals remains a leader in the manufacture of architectural bronze saddles, thresholds, carpet edges and stair nosing for the door and hardware industry.

Profiles on this page are provided to demonstrate MAC Metals capabilities and are the property of our customers.

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