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Handrails & Stairs

Handrails and Stairs
Handrails and stairs
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Handrails, Stairs and Entrances

Entrances, stairs and railings in residential and commercial buildings create a lasting first impression.  Brass, bronze and nickel silver extrusions are commonly used for structural and ornamental canopies, entrances, railing systems, handrails, nosing, brackets and other components.  Our custom profiles provide architects, designers and fabricators with unlimited versatility and durability for matching existing design, or creating innovative effects.

Hand rails, cap rails and guard rails are available from Mac Metals as custom profiles.  We have the capabilities to match any period architecture and have provided custom handrail for some of the most prestigious public and private structures in the world.

Mac Metals stocks six common handrail profiles in Architectural Bronze, available for immediate delivery. Click here for stock handrail prints and ordering information.

Handrail components such as lambs tongues, terminal ends, volutes and channels are available for Mac Metals handrails. Click here for more information on Elite Architectural Metals Supply.

Stock Handrails

The handrails below are stocked by MAC Metals in architectural bronze and are available for immediate delivery. Bendable versions may also be available in nickel silver and “redd metal”. Click Here for more information.

Stock Handrails

Custom Handrails

Profiles on this page are provided to demonstrate MAC Metals capabilities and are the property of our customers.

Custom Handrails