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Historical Restoration

Historical Restoration
Historical Renovations
Historical Restorations
Historical Restoration

Historic Restoration

The use of brass, bronze and nickel silver extrusions is significant to the architect, designer, general contractor and fabricator in historic restoration, rehabilitation and renovation projects. Mac Metals has consulted and provided custom profiles for high end residential, commercial, institutional and public building projects.

Mac Metals can duplicate existing extrusions that are needed to address architectural elements upgraded in code-required work.  Any interior or exterior architectural element previously constructed in a copper alloy is a candidate for a custom extrusion.

Mac Metals can provide assistance in designing profiles, selecting appropriate surface treatments and matching colors  to different complementary forms of copper-based alloys such as strip, sheet, plate, tube and castings.

We can accommodate many design styles.  Our skills and material offerings are particularly well suited to the Art Deco design influence on the 1920’s  thru 40’s.