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Advantages of Extruded Shapes in Brass and Bronze

Advantages of Extruded Shapes in Brass and Bronze

Below find some timeless reasons to consider brass, bronze and nickel silver extrusions.  This appeared in a Cerro “Extruded Shapes” Brochure from the early 60’s.

Design.  Almost limitless design possibilities for shapes or finished parts.

Delivery.  Fast deliveries.  Lead time is usually 4 to 6 weeks once tooling is established.

Accuracy.  Close dimensional tolerances on all shapes and sizes.

Uniformity.  Uniform mechanical and physical properties throughout each shape, piece to piece, lot to lot.

Resistance.  Good corrosion resistance against air, water, salt water, and many chemicals.

Economy.  Lower cost than machined pieces.

Surface.  Smooth basic finish on surfaces.  Mill finish is adequate for most applications.

Color Appeal.  Warm, mellow, natural, attractive brass and bronze colors.  Color and luster can be preserved with oils and lacquers.

Machinability.  Brass and bronze have the highest machinability ratings.

Efficiency.  More than one part can be combined into a single one-piece shape: more intricate shapes possible than by other one-piece methods.

Endurance.  Endurance of solid brass and bronze; plating and other finishes are long lasting.

Soundness.  Homogeneous grain structure throughout finished parts; sound wrought metal grain structure along extruded surfaces.

Strength.  Greater strength in thin sections and corners.


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