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Fabrication Tips: Bending Architectural Bronze Extrusions

Fabrication Tips: Bending Architectural Bronze Extrusions

Many of our customers specify Architectural Bronze (C38500) for an extruded brass profiles and then proceed to machine, polish and bend and get excellent results.  This is no surprise because architectural bronze extrusions are highly machinable, take an excellent finish and perform well in both hot and cold working environments.

Thoughts About Bending Architectural Bronze Extrusions

For severe bending applications, Mac Metals may recommend Leaded Muntz Metal (C37000).  This alloy is very similar to architectural bronze, but contains slightly more copper and less lead which allows more severe cold-working for many common brass/bronze extrusion applications.  For a combination of 90 degree bends in an application such as a door pull, leaded Muntz performs well.  It is a common request on many of our hardware manufacturers.  There are, however, many other applications for leaded Muntz that come from furniture and lighting OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers).

There are applications were the only way to eliminate any potential cracking from severe bending, particularly in complex thin wall shapes and sharp edges, is to provide a stress-relief anneal.  Mac Metals recommends a full one hour anneal at 800 to 950F.

Although architectural bronze extrusions are supplied with a M30 temper (As Hot Extruded) any down-stream processing such as roll straightening and stretching contribute to cold work that can create stress.  Mac Metals will gladly supply samples upon request if severe bending is of concern.  Bending a few samples will determine the best alloy for the job.

Mac Metals; a Kearny, New Jersey specialty architectural bronze supplier; offers many forms of bronze extrusions for multiple uses.  Contact Mac Metals Director, Mark Sisson, for more product and service information.

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