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Chemical Finishes on Bronze Extrusions

Chemical Finishes on Bronze Extrusions

Who are NOMMA Approved Chemical Finishers?Our customers frequently inquire about sources and techniques for applying clear-coat chemical products to preserve brass/bronze original polish color and luster. Methods and products for applying different tints, accelerated patinas and statuary finishes are also common questions for brass, bronze and nickel silver extrusions.

Below are some suppliers recommended by NOMMA (National Ornamental & Miscellaneous Metals Association):

Chemical Finish Suppliers Recommended by NOMMA and Mac Metals


Phone: (800) 549-2539

Website: www.adsil.com

MicroGuard ® products are derived from patented technology, which represents a major shift in the chemistry of surface protection. When cured at ambient temperature, MicroGuard® finishes form a water-clear, non-yellowing, glass-like film, which adheres by both Covalent and London Force Adhesion bonding to numerous substrates, thereby replacing the old surface with a new and extremely durable layer of protection. 

Benefits to Non-ferrous Metals – Decorative & Functional

  • Positively arrests corrosion & tarnishing
  • Provides a beautiful gloss luster
  • Non-yellowing, UV resistant clear
  • Eliminates need to polish due to tarnishing
  • Reduces cleaning & maintenance costs


Phone: (952) 937-7931

Website: www.birchwoodcasey.com

M24 Antique Black is specifically recommended by Mac Metals for aging alloy C38500. M24 Antique Black A unique brush-on concentrate for blackening or browning of brass, bronze or copper alloys. Produces pleasing US10B finishes on large architectural surfaces, sculptures, or engravings — on new or reconditioned parts. Color and reaction speed can be controlled by diluting with water. Can be used undiluted for black finishes, or diluted by 10-50% for brown tones or slower reactions.

GJ Nikolas & Co. Inc.

Phone: (708) 544-0320

Website: www.finish1.com

G.J. Nikolas provides specially formulated coatings for sterling silver, gold plate, silver plate, brass, copper and bronze that look good and provide a long lasting protective finish.

 Jax Chemical Co.

Phone: (718) 347-0057

Website: www.jaxchemical.com.

 JAX Chemical Company has been manufacturing metal finishing and polishing solutions for over 40 years. JAX Chemicals are used in the lighting, furniture, decorative hardware and stained glass industries. Artisans and craftsmen rely on JAX for restorations, reproductions and current work. Jax is specified by architects and builders for interiors, exteriors and roofs. JAX products are easy to use and produce authentic, consistent results.

Sur-Fin Chemical Corp.

Phone: (800) 282-3533

Website: www.surfinchemical.com

Sur-Fin Chemicals manufactures perhaps the most diversified and elaborate line of Patinas in the world for Brass, Copper, Bronze, Steel, Wrought Iron, Galvanized Steel, Zinc, Aluminum, Pewter, Tin, and solder. Brown Patina-CB is specifically recommended for aging alloy C38500.

Triple-S Chemical Products Inc.

Phone: (800) 862-5958

Website: www.ssschemical.com

Brown C-1 is specifically recommended for aging bronze handrails. Tribrown C-1 is a concentrated liquid for producing oxidized color tones on Copper, Brass and Bronze at room temperature.  Tribrown C-1is used primarily for decorative purposes to produce bronze, light brown to medium brown finishes.

About Mac Metals

Mac Metals Inc. is a brass, copper, and bronze extrusion mill having its origins in a company founded in Germany in the 1850’s by the Rothschild family. After the family moved to the United States, the business was reopened under the name ‘Kearny Smelting & Refining Corporation’ and produced brass ingot for the memorial industry. In 1960 a brass extrusion press was added to the operation to address the need for a domestic source of custom architectural extrusions. Due to the rapid growth of the extrusion mill, Kearny Smelting purchased a metal service center; Metal Alloys Company, in 1982 as a means to establish a modern sales and distribution network. Further growth resulted in the closing of the ingot shop to devote the casting resources to manufacture billets for the extrusion press. Contact Mac Metals for More information on Bronze and Brass, including recommendations and insight.


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