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Finishes for Brass, Bronze and Nickel Silver Extrusions

Finishes for Brass, Bronze and Nickel Silver Extrusions

Finishes for brass, bronze and nickel silverUnderstanding the color and finishing choices available to users of brass, bronze and nickel silver extrusions is paramount to a successful end project, or product.  The natural color range of these metals is augmented by the effects of weathering; patinas or verdigris on antiques; and statuary or oxidized finishes achieved either by exposure to the elements or by accelerated means.  Add the array of surface textures that can be achieved through mechanical means with a host of chemical treatments and coatings and you have hundreds of finishing choices.

This represents the first of many posts that I plan to create over the next few months that detail many of the mechanical, chemical and coating treatments available to enhance brass, bronze and nickel silver extrusions.  Each post will be available in the “Finishing  Extrusions” section under “Categories.”

There are many sources of information that represent some of the most complete references on copper alloy finishes, which include brass, bronze and nickel silver extrusions.  They are:

  1. Metal Finishes Manual for Architectural and Metals Products
  2. National Association of Architectural Metal Manufacturers (NAAM) 
  3. National Ornamental & Miscellaneous Metals Associations (NOMMA)
  4. Copper Development Association, Inc
  5. Stuart Dean White Paper: Architectural Metal, The Restoration and Preservation of Copper Alloys (Bronze, Brass and Nickel Silver).  

Be sure to view our other posts on Finishes for Extrusions and feel free to comment, or request specific information.


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