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The Henry Clay Frick Museum Portico Gallery

The Henry Clay Frick Museum Portico Gallery

What do you think when you hear of the Henry Clay Frick House? Beautiful exhibitions of artists past and present? Sculptures from across the globe? A building entrenched in history, art, and beauty?  For Mac Metals, a provider of custom extrusions to historical restoration projects and new installations is pleased to have on display our work in the Gallery: 23 custom bronze extrusions that added to the visual aesthetics and structural integrity of the windows.

About the Frick Museum

A visit to The Frick Collection evokes the splendor and tranquility of a time gone by and at the same time testifies to the power of great art collections to inspire viewers today. Housed in the New York City mansion built by Henry Clay Frick (1849-1919), one of America’s most successful industrialists, are masterpieces of Western painting, sculpture, and decorative art, displayed in a serene and intimate setting.

Both the mansion and the works within it serve as a monument to one of America’s greatest art collectors. Built in 1913-14 from designs by the firm Carrère and Hastings, the house is set back from Fifth Avenue by an elevated garden punctuated by three magnificent magnolia trees. Since Mr. Frick’s death in 1919, the Collection has expanded both its physical dimensions and its holdings. Approximately one-third of the pictures have been acquired since then, and three times — in 1931–35, 1977, and in 2011 — the building has been enlarged to better serve the public.

Mac Metals Provides Custom Bronze Extrusions in Renovation

In 2012, the Portico Gallery was renovated to convert an outdoor garden into an indoor gallery featuring an enclosed sculpture area while maintaining the character and uniqueness of the location.  The Gallery was designed by Architectural firm Davis Brody Bond (DBB) Architects, who in turn hired M. Cohen and Sons to line and frame the 14-by-7 foot windows.

Mac Metals provided a valuable product to these architects and other contractors in the construction and renovation of the Portico Gallery.  In order to complete the project on time, M. Cohen and Sons needed components within 6 to 8 weeks that required little to no welding and could traverse 16 Foot spans. Mac Metals provided the following custom extrusions to meet the needs on time and under budget.

Frick Museum Portico Gallery Construction

Each of these custom extrusions played a vital part in the construction and renovation of the Portico Gallery.  In addition, we were part of something much larger and thank the following teams for their contributions to the project.


Davis, Brody, Bond (DBB Architects) LLC. New York, NY

Facade Restoration:

Walter B. Melvin Architects, LLC. New York, NY

Historic Preservation:

Higgins Quasebarth Partners, LLC. New York, NY

Lighting Design:

Renfro Design Group, Inc. New York, NY

General Contractor:

Westermen Construction Company, Inc. New York, NY

Metal and Glass Fabricator:

M. Cohen & Sons, Broomall, PA

We also welcome you to check out our newly designed architectural gallery featuring not only our work done for the Frick Museum, but for many other projects.

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