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Custom Bronze and Nickel Silver Extrusions Enhance National Archives

Custom Bronze and Nickel Silver Extrusions Enhance National Archives

The National Archives Building, designed and built in the early 20th Century by John Russell Pope, has held important records since the original construction.  Completed in 1935, the National Archives holds the Declaration of Independence, Constitution, Bill of Rights, and an original version of the Magna Carta.  However, when the National Archives saw need for renovation, architects and fabricators vied for the prestigious project.

Location: 700 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, D.C

Website: http://www.archives.gov/

Original Construction: 1931-1935

Renovation Date: 2004

National Archives Renovation

In need of a complete renovation, The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) selected Hartman-Cox Architects to provide principal design services for all facets of the renovation of the 1935 structure. The most important of these include complete replacement of the building’s mechanical, electrical, plumbing, life safety, telecommunications, and security equipment and distribution systems, and the replacement of the exhibit cases for The Constitution and Declaration of Independence. Work also included the design of new handicapped accessible public entrances at Constitution Avenue, a new auditorium under the entrance steps, new security vaults and lighting in the Rotunda and the replication of the historic millwork, furnishings and light fixtures in the Research Rooms.

Architects: Hartman-Cox Architects

General Contractors: Grunley Construction Company (Rockville, MD)

Ornamental Metal Fabricator: Crescent Designed Metals (Philadelphia, PA)

Mac Metals Provides Custom Extrusions for National Archives

When Crescent needed custom extrusions for their portion of the project, they contacted Mac Metals.  With success renovating and restoring historic buildings, Mac Metals was the perfect choice to offer custom extrusion for this project.

Crescent Designed Metals utilized two custom extrusions by Mac Metals. The bronze cap rail was done with a statuary finish and the nickel silver handrail was done with a satin finish and lacquer. Bending was done by Mid-American Metal Forming, Rogersville, MO. and the fluted bronze posts were cast by Laran Bronze of Chester, PA.

Specific Extrusions Used in National Archives

In the renovation of this nickel silver handrail, Mac Metals used extrusions K31807 (Bronze Handrail) and K29292 (Nickel Silver Caprail).  For more information on this, and additional photos of Mac Metals’s important role in the renovations, please view the new Mac Metals Project Gallery, featuring images of this and many other Mac Metals Projects.  Contact us to learn more of our expertise in custom extrusions and to see what we can do for you.

Project Gallery: National Archives

Project PDF: Download the Mac Metals Project Guide PDF