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New Copper Alloys Color Match Popular Rose Gold Designer Alloys

New Copper Alloys Color Match Popular Rose Gold Designer Alloys

Copper Alloys Rose Redd Commercial ReddMac Metals recently added two new proprietary alloys to it’s collection of copper alloys that match Rose Gold, an extremely popular alloy used in luxury jewelry, watches, display cases, architectural openings and ornamental art.   Mac Metal’s Commercial Redd™ and Rose Redd™ copper alloys were created to provide architects and fabricators with that more closely match the color of Rose Gold, commercial bronze, silicon bronze or commercial copper (and other high copper alloys).  For architectural applications, commercial bronze sheet, strip or plate is an ornamental alloy used for windows, doors, decorative panels and trim. Since this wrought alloy is not available in extruded form, there is not an identical color match for extruded components such as moldings, hinges, door hardware, thresholds and locksets, as examples. Mac Metals Commercial Redd™ Metal addresses this need. This new alloy has a pink/gold tone that is also suitable as a “stand alone” product, or providing contrast against other copper alloys such as architectural bronze, or nickel silver.

Copper Alloys Mac Metals Rose Redd

Rose Redd™ Metal is a darker red color, almost a match for copper sheet. Current applications have been limited to hardware (hinges, door pulls) but the bold red color begs for design consideration for handrails, grilles, light fixtures, builder’s hardware, moldings and trim and artwork. Since the copper content of the alloy is under 60%, Rose Redd™ is also a more economical choice over Commercial Copper and other high copper alloys.

“With Rose Redd™ and Commercial Redd™, design professionals have a complete color easel with which to create exciting, new architectural applications and unique components,” explains Mark Sisson, Mac Metals Sales Manager.

Mac Metals is a fully integrated brass mill in Kearny, New Jersey serving architects, general contractors, original equipment manufacturers, machine shops, and architectural and ornamental metals fabricators that require custom extrusions made of brass, bronze and nickel silver. For more information, contact Mac Metals at 800-631-9510, or visit www.macmetals.com

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