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Nickel Silver Handrail Rediscovered—Case 1

Nickel Silver Handrail Rediscovered—Case 1

Nickel Silver HandrailCustom extruded nickel silver handrails are being rediscovered by architects and interior designers in a wide range of residential and commercial applications.  Once a relatively common metal in the Art Deco era, nickel silver is treated more like a precious, or exotic metal.  This is true of a diverse list of applications and products, from architectural curved and circular stairs to monumental stairs and railings to ornate hardware and trim.

Tom Ryan of Koenig Iron Works, Long Island City, New York recently completed a wall railing project where he designed the custom nickel silver extrusion for the cap rail, as well as custom nickel silver mounting brackets that he fabricated from stock nickel silver rod.  Escutcheons and other decorative elements were cast in his own shop.  The finished stairs will be clad in marble and the railings will be given a satin finish with a gunmetal bronze tone tint. 

“Custom bending cap rail is always a difficult process particularly when
Nickel Silver Handrailthe curvature and slope of the stairs is free-form. Nickel Silver cap rail is great to work with but welding can be a challenge if you don’t use the right equipment and filler,”
says Tom.  “Host material was used to complete joints.”

Nickel Silver Handrail Installation

Installation of this project (a private residence on the Upper East Side) will take place in the next week, or two.  Watch for finished photography at this blog. 

Koenig Iron Works has established itself as a foremost leader in quality steel construction.  They specialize in structural, ornamental and miscellaneous iron work, stairs and railings and all aspects of blacksmithing in iron, bronze, copper and stainless steel.

Koenig and Mac Metals

Mac Metals Inc of Kearny New Jersey is a fully integrated brass mill specializing in brass, bronze and nickel silver custom extrusions for architectural applications.