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NOMMA Announces 2013 Top Job Competition

NOMMA Announces 2013 Top Job Competition

NOMMA 2013 Top Job CompetitionHave you registered for the upcoming NOMMA Top Job Competition? Each year, the National Ornamental & Miscellaneous Metals Association asks for submissions from the metals industry to recognize outstanding metalwork.

Those who enter and win the NOMMA Top Job Competition Awards are recognized at the METALfab convention. Members of NOMMA are encouraged to vote when the entries become available at the METALfab gallery, during the convention, and can vote just once.

The competition is a great tool for metal shops looking to increase their exposure in their local community. Likewise, the contest allows them to let others know what types of metals they fabricate and educate other about the outstanding work they’ve completed in the past.

There are several categories that metal shops can enter their metalwork awards applications, including gates and driveways, interior and exterior railings and fences, furniture and accessory fabrication, gates and doors, stairs, sturctures and unusual ornamental fabrication.

The most notable award, the Mitch Heitler Award for Excellence will be given to the shop with the highest craftsmanship. The award is named after Mitch Heitler, the industry visionary ho founded NOMMA in 1958. 

You can view the NOMMA brochure on the upcoming Top Job Competition and view all of the award categories available to submit your metalwork entries. In addition, all of the rules for the competition are represented in the brochure including information on the length of time between the project and submission (2 years) and how many entries you can submit (1 per category, no more than 5 total).

It’s important to know that the entries submitted to the NOMMA Top Job Competition must be fabricated from ferrous or nonferrous metals. As for nonmetallic elements, they can be used for ornamentation or accents but must not be the main feature of the work you are submitting.

Make sure you prepare your entries and submit your outstanding metalwork on time! The deadlines are the following:

  • Early entry deadline is December 31st, 2012
  • Late entry deadline is January 7th, 2013 

Be sure to fill out the Official Top Job 2013 Entry Form here. If you’d like to learn more or see past entries, check out the gallery from NOMMA on Past Top Job Awards.

Please share this with others who you know have compelling metalwork that would be great for the NOMMA Top Job awards competition!