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NOMMA METALfab 2015 Comes to Pennsylvania

NOMMA METALfab 2015 Comes to Pennsylvania

Are you ready for The National Ornamental and Miscellaneous Metals Association (NOMMA) conference, METALfab 2015?  Coming soon, METALfab 2015 will be coming to King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, and will feature some of the biggest names in ornamental metals coming together for this annual event.  Learn more about METALfab 2015 from proud NOMMA Member, Mac Metals.

57th Annual METALfab: King of Prussia, Pennsylvania

After the highly successful 2014 METALfab held in St. Charles, Missouri, The National Ornamental and Miscellaneous Metals Association (NOMMA) will be held in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania at the Valley Forge Casino and Resort from March 11 to 14, 2015.

Speakers are yet to be determined, but individuals can register to speak at METALfab 2015 by filling out information on this PDF.

Education Series

A big part of METALfab, the Continuing Education Series will teach manufacturers about current topics in the industry.  2014 highlights are as follows:

More information on the programs will be shared upon the announcement from NOMMA.

Winners of NOMMA Awards

METALfab always is capped off with the award winners of the prior year.  Including both the NOMMA/NEF awards and the Top Job award winners.  A part of the banquet, the following awards are given to NOMMA Members who make outstanding contributions to the industry:

  • Julius Blum Award – For outstanding contributions to the industry
  • Frank A. Kozik Award – For outstanding volunteerism
  • Clifford H. Brown Award – For outstanding contributions to education
  • President’s Silver Star Award – For fostering membership growth

The Following Top Job Contest Category Winners are also announced.

  • Gates, Driveway – Nonforged
  • Interior Railings – Ferrous, Nonforged
  • Interior Railings – Ferrous, Forged
  • Exterior Railings & Fences – Nonforged
  • Exterior Railings & Fences – Forged
  • Furniture & Accessory Fabrication – Nonforged
  • Furniture & Accessory Fabrication – Forged
  • Gates/Doors – Forged
  • Structures
  • Unusual Ornamental Fabrication
  • Restoration


Finally, the Mitch Heitler Award for Excellence is given to the top contributor to the industry.

To see other submissions to the program, we welcome you to check out the NOMMA Flickr page.

Mac Architectural Metals: A NOMMA Member

Mac Architectural Metals, a leading company providing custom architectural brass, bronze, and nickel silver extrusions, is aNOMMA Member.  We have seen nothing but benefit from joining NOMMA, and would recommend membership to anyone in this business.  The previous example was just another benefit seen by members.  Visit the NOMMA website to see more information, and contact Mac Architectural Metals to learn the benefits of working with a NOMMA Member.