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Print Sign-Off Protects Fabricators and Consumers

Print Sign-Off Protects Fabricators and Consumers

Time and time again, I hear from ornamental fabricators that have purchased custom bronze extrusions and have an emergency—An Unhappy Customer.

Whether the end use is a custom cap rail, a unique piece of furniture or an entire window system, failing to obtain your customer, or end users authorization signature on the final prints, or drawings, is a critical mistake.

Mac Metals is Committed to Protecting Fabricators and Consumers

Mac Metals is a custom brass, bronze and nickel silver extruder located in Kearny, New Jersey that specializes in architectural and thin wall extrusions for all kinds of residential and commercial construction, stairs and entrances, lighting and hardware and furniture projects.  We usually deal directly with the architect or fabricator and require their sign-off on each extruded profile before accepting a purchase order.

Unfortunately, those decision makers do not take the extra step of having their end-use customer sign off on the same print.  Unlike the design professional, or skilled fabricator, the end use customer does not have the experience, or imagination to fully understand what they are buying.  Take the extra step and present a print for each profile required for the project and have your customer sign off. 

For more information on how you can use a print sign-off to protect your work and provide excellent customer service, we have an example of a project sign-off form.