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Projects Needed for White Paper on Nickel Silver Extrusions

Projects Needed for White Paper on Nickel Silver Extrusions

Nickel Silver at the Ohio Courthouse

Architects Needed for Nickel Silver White Paper Creation

Call to all architects for project submissions on a new white paper on nickel silver extrusions! Mac Metals would like to work with architects willing to submit project information on nickel silver extrusions in an effort to educate and inform others on the building material’s architectural applications.

What is Nickel Silver?

Nickel silver remains a confusing building material alternative when considered by today’s architects and design professionals.  First, its name remains a mystery.  Nickel Silver (which has no silver content) has been called White Bronze, German Silver, Dairy Metal, Dairy Bronze, Nickel Brass, White Copper and a host of trade names. 

The nickel silver alloys used in architectural applications are available in sheet and plate forms (C74500 and C75200), castings (C97300, C97600 and C97800) and extrusions (C77600 and C79600).  There are over 40 wrought and 5 cast alloys currently recognized by CDA (Copper Development Association).

Color remains the single most important consideration in the selection nickel silvers for architectural applications.  As a perfect match to silver, with coppers malleability and corrosion resistance and nickels strength, nickel silver provides a high strength alternative to aluminum and a low cost alternative to stainless steel.

Nickel Silver became widely used during the heyday of Art Deco architecture in theUnited States.  A large portion of the nickel silver extrusions provided by Mac Metals has come from famous Art Deco buildings and interiors such as the Board of Trade in Chicago and the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel inNew York City as examples. 

Fulfilling an Educational Need on Nickel Silver

Today, we are seeing a strong resurgence of interest in these remarkable metals, for new construction, as well as restoration work.  There is also a growing demand for nickel silver in high end hardware, elevator cabs and entrances, handrails and furniture.

Mac Metals Inc. of Kearny, New Jersey has long been known as a supplier of Nickel Silver extrusions for architectural applications.  We are interested in providing our design community and fabricators with an updated white paper on nickel silver extrusions including the history, applications, characteristics  and updated fabrication techniques. 

We invite architects, designers and fabricators to submit projects that can be of interest in the architectural community.  Please contact Mark Sisson at www.macmetals.com to submit projects and photography for this project.  We want to educate and promote nickel silver.  Procurement from Mac Metals is not a pre-requisite to be included in the proposed white paper.

Please share this post with others in the architecture industry who would be a great match for submitting projects on nickel silver extrusions and wish to be featured in the upcoming white paper.