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Welding Bronze Extrusions

Welding Bronze Extrusions

Architectural bronze extrusions are highly machinable, take an excellent finish and perform well in both hot and cold working environments.  But what are the best methods and practices when it comes to welding architectural bronze? Our customers frequently inquire about new methods for welding our bronze extrusions.  The Mac Metals team would like to share advice on welding C38500 (Architectural Bronze).

Welding Architectural Bronze Extrusions (C38500)

Process: TIG Weld

Settings: DC Straight Polarity using Straight Argon Gas

Filler: Oxy Fuel Rod  

Oxy Fuel Rod is a great selection when ductility and machinability are most important. RG60 is a high strength alloy used for gas brazing of low carbon and low alloy steels. It is used in applications where a high tensile strength is needed. The high silicon and manganese content in the product eliminates the need for flux when welding. RG65 is a low alloy oxy-fuel rod designed for high speed fusion welding of pressure vessels, tanks and piping.

Brazing/Welding Rod: Low Fuming Bronze, Non Flux Coated

Low Fuming Bronze is a copper/zinc alloy developed for braze welding steel, cast iron, and copper. Low Fuming Bronze can also be used for build up and overlay; and flows easily with minimal fuming. Deposits can be machined and have excellent ductility. 

Please note: It is our understanding that low fuming bronze rod is not actually a TIG welding rod; it is considered a brazing rod by most people in the welding business. We have spent a lot of time researching many different rods for best results using TIG welding process for Strength and Color Match. In our opinion, this low fuming filler rod is the most versatile for all copper alloys (Except Silicon Bronze).

Special Thanks to The Wagner Companies of Milwaukee, Wisconsin for sharing this information.

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