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What Architects Want to Know About Bronze

What Architects Want to Know About Bronze

Bronze Seagram BuildingBronze as an architectural metal has fascinated architects and engineers for years. The design, finishes, fabrication and costs of bronze metals and copper alloys have always been questioned with interest in the architectural metals industry.

In our bronze architectural archives, we came across an original article on What Architects Want to Know About Bronze by John M. Foehl from the Anaconda American Brass Company. The article was reprinted in Architectural Record on March of 1961 by F.W. Dodge Corporation and covers questions and answers a variety of questions on architectural metals that are commonly asked by architects and engineers in the industry.

To help educate architects and engineers, we have made this historical and informational article available as a free download on our website. You can access the article by clicking here.

We welcome your comments on What Architects Want to Know About Bronze. Was there anything in this document that you wish had been added? What more do you want to know as an industry expert in architectural metals? How has the bronze metal industry changed over time and what additional questions need to be raised?

If you know anyone who is interested in bronze or architectural metals in general, be sure to share this educational document with them so they too can get answers on design considerations, finishes, fabrication and costs that are so often asked by architectural industry experts.