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Custom Extrusions

Custom Extrusions

Custom Extrusions

Mac Metals Inc. maintains a reputation in the marketplace as a “specialty brass mill” serving the needs of architects, general contractors, original equipment manufacturers, machine shops and architectural and ornamental metal fabricators that require custom extrusions made of brass, bronze and nickel silver.

Custom Architectural Extrusions are defined as complex and/or thin wall shapes (also known as profiles, or sections) made from architectural bronze, nickel silver, free-cutting brass, forging brass, naval brass, and a proprietary “red metal” alloy.

Custom extrusions remain the most interesting aspect of our business and remain our primary focus. Each shape represents a new set of challenges that Mac Metals is uniquely qualified to satisfy. From simple shapes to complex profiles, we take pride in our ability to meet our customer specifications—regardless of the size of the project. Our customers identify the need and design the product. Mac Metals goal becomes to make that design extrudable. Tooling is purchased by our customer and maintained by Mac Metals for the exclusive use of the customer.

Benefits of Custom Extrusions:

Savings on Raw Material – A near net extruded shape close to the finished product profile saves raw material. Scrap generated from machining and finishing operations can be reduced, or eliminated.

Less Machining – A well designed extrusion eliminates the need to perform many machining operations. In most cases, a uniform cross-section created in the extrusion process limits the end users investment in machining. Most extrusions require no additional machining steps and are ready for assembly or installation.

Combining Multiple Parts – Products that were formerly assembled from multiple parts can be designed to be made from a single extrusion. This eliminates machining, inventory, handling and assembly costs for separate components.

Short Runs – The flexibility on Mac Metals production floor combined with Mac Metals minimum order quantities make extrusions a cost-effective choice for small and large volume customer requirements. Mac Metals has a 500 pound minimum quantity for each custom extrusion—the smallest minimum in the industry.

Low Tooling Costs – Tooling costs for extrusions are comparatively inexpensive when compared to forgings, castings, roll-forming and other competitive materials processes

Design and Change Flexibility – Mac Metals describes design criteria as limited only to the designer’s imagination. Since all tooling is manufactured and maintained in-house, Mac Metals can offer the architect, or designer a great deal of freedom and flexibility in obtaining custom extrusions to meet any application.

In fact, the only limitations to product design are the diameter of the circumscribing circle, the minimum gage of the extrusion and the minimum and maximum weight per foot of the extrusion. Mac Metals limits the circumscribing circle diameter at six inches and minimum gage at .093″. Weight per foot is determined by both minimum and maximum billet weight and the customer’s length requirement.

Quality – All Mac Metals extrusions are produced under strict quality control. Incoming melt stock is chemically tested upon receipt. Samples of molten metals are taken from the furnace before each pour. Each heat is assigned an individual identification number providing traceability throughout the manufacturing process. Critical dimensions are checked at extrusion, stretching, straightening and cutting processes.

Our emphasis is on operator training and proactive interaction by our quality technicians and craftsmen on the shop floor. Inspections take place at point of manufacture, rather than in finished goods.

Production Lead Times – Due to the unique requirements of each custom extrusion that we manufacture, we cannot always predict accurate processing time to complete our customer’s orders. Since lead times impact our ability to satisfy the needs of our customers, Mac Metals pays close attention to available capacity and order commitments to prevent overbooking. Mac Metals will make every effort to honor the projected ship date made at time of order. Typically, Mac Metals offers lead times between 4 and 8 weeks from the time we receive an order and have customer approved tooling available. New tooling may add additional lead time, depending on design and validation criteria.

During periods of unprecedented demand, Mac Metals will work with each customer to develop production and inventory plans to protect our mutual interests in delivering high quality extrusions.