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Customer Support

Quality Commitment

All Mac Metals extrusions are produced under strict quality control. Incoming melt stock is chemically tested upon receipt. Samples of molten metals are taken from the furnace before each pour. Each heat is assigned an individual identification number providing traceability throughout the manufacturing process. Critical dimensions are checked at extrusion, stretching, straightening and cutting processes

Our emphasis is on operator training and proactive interaction by our quality technicians and craftsmen on the shop floor. Inspections take place at point of manufacture, rather than in finished goods.

Customer Support/Real People

Our salespeople provide excellent customer service. During business hours your calls will be fielded by a real person-not a machine. All of our sales staff has extensive experience serving our niche marketplace. Mac recognizes that customer loyalty is earned and retained by providing timely and accurate information along with our products.

Stability and Access to Management

Mac Metals has been recognized as the ‘extrusion expert” in supplying architectural extrusions for over 40 years. We are the only extrusion mill in North America that devotes all its resources to producing the highest quality brass, bronze and nickel-silver extrusions. Our management team is prepared to assist you and welcomes your inquiries. We encourage you to visit our mill in Kearny, New Jersey.

Limitations in Manufacturing

Hollows – Mac Metals does not produce hollows. There are many design solutions that may satisfy the form, fit or function of a hollow. See our “Design Guide” to determine if Mac Metals can replace a hollow with a custom designed semi-hollow, or a multiple-piece assembly.

Tolerances – Architectural extrusions in brass, bronze and nickel silver are designed to be extruded and straightened only. Due to the more complex profiles and thin-wall requirements, cold-drawing is not done. As a result, the finished tolerances cannot be refined to typical machining tolerances. Mac Metals mill tolerances are consistent with ASTM Standards for “Plain Extrusions, or “Hot Extrusion” temper designations.

Shape Design Considerations – The extrusion of brass, bronze and nickel silver shapes are done at elevated temperatures and high pressures. The ability to successfully extrude a custom shape is dependent on choice of alloy, cross-section of the shape, minimum and maximum weight per foot and uniform metal flow. Our sales and design staff will work with each print/project to achieve optimum extrusion conditions while satisfying customer need. See our “Design Guide” for specifics and limitations for Mac Metals architectural extrusions.