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Production & Specialty Alloys

Production Alloy Description

Copper Lead Zing

Architectural Bronze (C38500)

Copper = 55-59%; Lead = 2.5-3.5%; Zinc = balance

This alloy is commonly used in architectural, hardware, valves, furniture and electrical applications. It is noted for its rich, golden yellow color and is a color match for Muntz sheet alloy CDA C28000. Its machinability rating is 90 (C36000 is 100).

Copper Lead Zinc

Free Cutting Brass (C36000)

Copper = 60-63%; Lead = 2.5-3.7%; Zinc = balance

A very machinable alloy with a color that appears more yellow than Architectural Bronze.

Copper Lead Zinc

Muntz Metal (C37000)

Copper = 59-62%; Lead = .8-1.5%; Zinc = balance

A better choice when bending is required, while still maintaining a color match to Muntz sheets and Architectural Bronze.

Naval Brass

Naval Brass (C48500)

Copper = 59-62%; Lead 1.3-2.2%; Tin = .5-1.0%; Zinc = balance.

The addition of Tin to this alloy gives improved resistance to corrosion, particularly in salt water and has been optimized for better machinability.

Redd Metals Proprietary

Redd Metals (Proprietary)

“Commercial Redd Metal” is designed to be a close color match to alloys C22000 (Commercial Bronze) and C23000 (Red Brass). This proprietary alloy has limited cold working properties. Severe bending is not recommended.

“Rose Redd Metal” exhibits a rich copper color close to commercial copper. This proprietary alloy has limited cold working properties. Severe bending is not recommended.

Specialty Alloy Description

Nickel Silver

Nickel Silver (C77600)

Copper = 42-45%; Nickel – 9-11%; Zinc = balance

The addition of nickel imparts a silvery-yellow color to these alloys when they are sanded or polished. They offer excellent strength and corrosion resistance. These alloys are difficult to extrude and are limited to relatively simple shapes with heavier walls. The “As Extruded” finish of C77600 is gray. Polishing of either alloy reveals the yellow tinted silvery color approaching stainless steel in appearance.

Brown Nickel Silver

Brown Nickel Silver (C79600)

Copper = 43.5-46.5; Lead = .8-1.2%; Nickel = 9-11% Manganese = 1.5-2.5%; Zinc+ balance

C79600 is a chocolate brown variation of Nickel Silver.