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Sources Mills and Distributors

Contact Information

Chicago Extruded Metals

Cicero, IL

Frank Massa.  Fmassa@cxm.com.

Indirect press.  Has simple shape capability.

Manufactures common shapes in C36000 and C38500.

Make standard cap rail in C38500.

2000 MOQ.

Deeco Metals

Desmond Sinclair, President

Travelers, SC


Has US sales arm and distribution/warehouse in US.  Deals directly with foreign mills.

Sells bronze and nickel silver profiles.

Has some stock sills.

Salespersons assigned to Mac Metals Sourcing:

Tanith Sinclair Ext. 203; email: Tanith@deecometals.com.

Alex Page Ext. 205; email:   Alex@deecometals.com.

Aviva Metals


Norman Lazarus, Sr. Vice President, nlazarus@avivametals.com.

Salesperson assigned to Mac Metals Sourcing:

Angie Walters, Sales Manager, awalters@avivametals.com.

Casts C38500 and C77600 as well as many other alloys (See website for alloys.

Does not extrude domestic, has continuous casting facilities in Ohio.

Distribution in Houston.

Has direct contacts and relationships with foreign extrusion mills.

Is committed to helping Mac Metals customer transition to new sources.

Lewis Brass

Queens, NY


Contact Sam Halon at x201

Sells C38500 common stock (angles, channel, tees, handrail, bar and rounds).

See website for alloy list.

For custom shapes, will help locate/place orders and tooling. Has overseas contacts.

Is familiar with Mac Metals and committed to helping customer transition to new sources.

Rotax Metals

Brooklyn, NY


Contact:  Herbert Steele:  herberts@rotaxmetals.net

Stock and sells C38500 common shapes (angles, channel, bar, tee, etc.).

Will shop extruded shapes to overseas mills.

HME Brass North America (Formerly KME )

HME Brass Trefimetaux, France

Also has a mill in Germany, Italy.

Salesperson assigned to Mac Metals Sourcing:  Mike Casella 630-215-5689 (Oakbrook, IL.)

See:  https://www.hmemetal.com/en/products/brass-rod/arkita

See: https://www.hmemetal.com/en/products/brass-rods/rod-wires/

Is committed to helping Mac Metals customer’s transition to new sources.

Diehl Brass (Germany)

Franconia  US Sales and Distribution  Elk Grove Village, IL

Jim Miller 331-204-6548

See: www.diehl.com/metall

Metallurgica San Marco (Italy)



Wieland (Germany) (Mills located in Germany, Austria, Switzerland)

Sales Director Worldwide Daniel Reister  Daniel.riester@wieland.com.

US Distribution:

Weiland Metals Services

180 Alexandra Way

Carol Stream, IL 60188

630-260-1040: 800-323-9644


Booyoung  (sp)( South Korea)

Address: 9-1 Goji-ri, Jeongnam-mveon  Gveonggi-Do

Phone: + 82-31-352-2443 Fax: 82-31-352-9413

Contact: Rho Yeon Yong


Copalcor South Africa


+ 27-11-821-0700.

42 Rendell Road

Wadeville 1407

Germiston, Gsutend

South Africa

Trade Association

Copper Development Association CDA


Larry Peters can assist in locating sources and alloy designations, chemistry and properties.