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Ordering/Shipping Info

Mac Metals Ordering & Shipping Information

Request for Quotation – Placing Orders:

Mac Metals will provide quotations that specify tooling, material, pricing, terms, packaging and lead time, or anticipated date of completion.

Mac Metals will accept requests for quotation and orders by phone, fax, mail or email.


When sending drawings, or prints, please send via PDF, DFX or DWG. A fully detailed drawing/print must accompany any new custom shape order. Mac Metals will make recommendations to make the product extrude and finish more efficiently, or work within our manufacturing capabilities. Completed drawings/prints will require customer signature and date before acknowledgement and tool production can proceed.

Tooling/Tooling Ownership:

All dies, special rolls and tooling shall remain in control of Mac Metals and used and maintained exclusively for the customer. All tooling costs must be paid up-front with initial order.


All pricing subject “price in effect” at time of shipment.

Payment Terms/Credit:

Mac Metals terms are 1%-10, Net 30 days. Terms are based upon date of shipment and pre-approved credit, unless otherwise agreed in advance. A credit application form can be found on our website, or mailed on request.


Mac Metals will provide pre-production samples at additional cost.

Freight Costs and Carriers:

All product will be shipped FOB KEARNY NJ. USA and buyer will be responsible for all freight cost and selection of carrier.

Shipment Date:

Mac Metals will make every effort to ship customer orders in accordance with the requested, or acknowledged delivery date, provided that Mac Metals accepts no liability for losses, or damage, arising out of delays.

Shipping Tolerances:

50 – 300 pounds +/- 30%, or one length
301 – 500 pounds +/- 20%
501 – 1000 pounds +/- 15%
1001 – 5000 pounds +/- 10%
Over 5000 pounds +/- 5%



Mac Metals ships in 500 and 1000 pound crates. Paper layering, special packaging instructions, crating for international transit and crates for product over 16’ are subject to a pricing extra.


Mac Metals will provide “Chemical Certification Only” when requested with Purchase Order.